Lovin' You - new single from "The DreaM"

"Lovin' You" was written on November 15, 2015 in Denver, Colorado. It was a snowy day and while our little one slept I began to write this song about the light-hearted ease of real love. In the two years since it was written, it evolved more muscle and dynamics as we played it together. It was pure joy to finally record it the way we envisioned in our heads in July of 2018 at Frogville Studios. I was 7 months pregnant and a bit more out of breath than usual but the song came alive and became everything it was supposed to be. 

 The music video is a compilation of many videos from our families' video archive. It spans many generations on my mother's side of the family. My parents had digitally recorded several rolls of old 8mm film that were literally falling apart as they played them. It opens with my great grandfather slowly climbing White Sands National Park with my great uncles. Our family had been there just months earlier. Most of this footage was taken by my grandmother and great grandmother. Watching their lives play out on the farm where I had spent many golden summer days of my childhood made me ache and fill up with love all at once. I spliced together scenes of our recording sessions in Santa Fe and also included a snippet of the day I wrote the song in Denver in our living room. The end features current footage of our lives from wedding day to two kids in tow. I hope you enjoy it and feel thankful for all those you love.     -Scarlett 

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